The Seed Study– Conception

The Seed Study’s “Conception” is a series of hand made wool tapestries, celebrating the conclusion of my decade-long accessories line and the beginning of my exploration into interiors and art installation pieces.

This collection features hand and needle felted art inspired by diverse flora and earth matter merging into unconventional friendships. The tapestries are intended to bring warmth and happenstance from the natural world into ones space. View the catalog as well as the tapestries gallery page and give us a holler for orders. Contact


The catalog is rather large, please give it a minute.


I welcome custom work to make a piece just right for your space. Please visit the INTERIORS GALLERY page to acquaint yourself with the styles. Note that customs may take up to 8 months to full-fill, when possible its best to leave adequate time. If you would like to inquire about a custom piece for your space please email me!

Email here for custom inqurires

Photography credit: Lauren Ross